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  Zhejiang Zili Corporation Limited (i.e. Zili Limited) was founded in 1985 as a refractories company to serve steel mills at the current headquarter location, 338 BaiXie Road, Baiguan District of ShangYu City, Zhejiang Province in China. Over the years, we have grown to be one of the largest refractory group enterprise that is now comprised of 8 companies including ShangYu DongShun Refractories Co.,Ltd; Zhejiang ShangYu DongRui Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd; Zhejiang Zili Alumina Materials Technology Co.,Ltd (i.e. Zili Alutec); Shanghai TongChuang Ceramics Co.,Ltd; Jiangsu YongHe Refractories Co.,Ltd; Guizhou Zili HighTemp Materials Co.,Ltd; Zili USA LLC and ZhanJiang Zili HighTemp Meterials Co.,Ltd. We have 4 fullscale manufacturing facilities located in Zhejiang ShangYu, Shanghai BaoSan,JiangSu and ZhanJiang. We specialize in producing, engineering, servicing and distributing refractories and advanced alumina materials for Chinese customers and oversea markets.    
  Our main refractories products include pyrophyllite series burned bricks, unburned bricks, unshaped refractories, sliding plates and porous plug as well as advanced alumina materials such as sintered tabular alumina and spinels.
  Annual comprehensive production capacity of 220000 tons of refractory materials, high grade alumina raw materials (sintered tabular alumina) 90000 tons. With 2500 tons of automatic hydraulic press, 1800 DEG C shuttle kiln, 1900 DEG C high temperature shaft kiln to Philips energy spectrum, scanning electron microscope, the United States thermoelectric x X-ray fluorescence spectrometer as the representative of the international first-class testing equipment.
  Company existing staff more than 1500, including 180 professionals, Baogang Steel Research Institute, Wuhan University of science and technology and established good relations of cooperation, every year the company are introduced and   professional training of various staff number, for the enterprise in terms of technology, equipment and management continue to inject fresh blood, so that the company's technical strength and constantly enhance, lay a good foundation for the company's future development.
  Company in 1996, first in the refractory industry through the ISO-9002 certification standards of quality management system, and a smooth change version of the ISO9001-20082006 years SPC management method is introduced to enhance the capacity of quality assurance, 2009 by IS014001-2004. Stable product quality and good after-sales service to enable us to have to Shanghai Baosteel as the center, to Shanghai as a base to rely on, facing east, radiation the broad market, and a large number of exports to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia, Germany and.
  Our approach is "technology leader, strengthen management, committed to the best quality, the most reasonable price, the most innovative features, the most thoughtful service to meet the needs of users". Company staff to the development of the enterprise is full of confidence, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit.