Third slats corundum production line trial production

    Since our company put into production 10000 tons of tabular corundum production lines from 2009 February to 2010 September, put into operation second plate-shaped corundum production lines, large number of products into the domestic and foreign markets, welcomed by customers. Based on this, the company in October 24, 2011 in Zhejiang Province, Shangyu city and put into operation third plate-shaped corundum production line. So far, our company actual annual production capacity has reached 40000 tons. With third production lines put into production on schedule, supply capacity increased, to meet customer demand at home and abroad.
    It is understood, at present tabular corundum global prices, the international market demand increasing. At the same time, the domestic downstream enterprises to continuously improve the requirements of refractories, overall contracting mode of enterprise is more extensive, refractory enterprises tends to purchase high-grade raw materials, to get more use value, therefore, the domestic procurement of tabular corundum is relatively strong.