Celebrating Chairman and CEO Mr. Lieying Ma receives an "Outstanding Fire-Resistant Person," honorary title

        September 26, China Refractory Industry Association held its association meeting in Shenyang Phoenix Hotel Association celebrating the 20th anniversary commemoration of the association. The general assembly also awarded 25 "outstanding refractory people" and 10 "excellent association workers" for their great work and effort in the field.
        Zili Chairman and CEO Mr. Lieying Ma, won the "Outstanding refractory people," honorary title. This is an affirmation not only for his dedication to the refractory industry in the past 20 years of his career but also for his great leadership role in leading Zhejiang Zili to become an internationally recognized refractory company. All Zili employees feel very proud and honored to have such a great industrial leader and it serves as a huge momentum to work harder to create a better future.