Raw materials the Tender Notice 2009

2009 main raw materials procurement tender notice
The old and new supplier:
According to the current economic environment and the company (including its subsidiaries) 2009 annual material requirement planning, the company decided to restore the 2009 year tender of a variety of main raw materials procurement. The announcement follows a specific:
A main raw material. The annual demand for the amount included in the scope of the tender
1.86 stage rotary kiln bauxite 18000 tons
Level 2.88 shuttle (down draft kiln bauxite 18000 tons)
The 3.90 level of 2700 tons of bauxite
4 gray corundum 2000 tons
5 general Zong Gangyu 5500 tons
6 Zong Gangyu 8000 tons of low carbon
7 white corundum 2000 tons
8.97 level of 1200 tons of silicon carbide
9.90 level of 800 tons of silicon carbide
10.98 grade graphite 2000 tons
11.98 grade graphite (1000 eyes) of 400 tons
12.95 grade graphite 1000 tons
13.90 grade graphite 200 tons
14 high temperature asphalt 180 tons
15 16 tons of boron carbide
16.50 fused spinel 110 tons
17 normal spinel 100 tons
18.78 sintering (fused) spinel 150 tons
19.90 fused spinel 400 tons
20 400 tons of bauxite based spinel
21.98 ordinary fused magnesia 3800 tons
22.97 ordinary fused magnesia 3500 tons
Level 23.97 two 10000 tons of calcium fused magnesia
Level 24.97 1200 tons of large crystalline magnesite
25.97 grade high purity magnesia 1000 tons
26.96 grade fused magnesite 600 tons
27 fused magnesia zirconia 300 tons
28 calcining active alumina powder 2200 tons
The 29 Rho activated alumina powder 300 tons
30.94 grade silica powder 90 tons
31.92 grade silica powder 450 tons
The 32 metal powder 530 tons
33 470 tons of metal silicon powder
34.70 pure calcium aluminate cement 700 tons
35 high aluminum cement 300 tons
36 chromic oxide 30 tons
37 110 tons of stainless steel fiber
38 30 tons of polypropylene fiber
39 industrial alumina powder 10000 tons
40 borosilicate glass 100 tons
41 quartz sand 800 tons
42 calcium aluminate powder 4000 tons
43 1600 tons of phenol
44 formaldehyde 1700 tons
The quality requirement of two.
1 according to our company procurement documents.
2 new supplier can understand to our company procurement and trade center.
Three. The new supplier where not to our company for goods, please in 2008 December 31 days prior to our company procurement and Trade Center registration. Please provide a copy of the copy of the business license of company registration and written brief introduction. At the same time provide the raw materials to prepare the bid samples (each sample varieties of quantities of not less than 10 kg), not be accepted late. All samples qualified, still needs to do further construction test, the actual test results are not yet out of the supplier, after winning the bid to temporarily as the reserve supplier.
Four. Where the old supplier to our company in 2007 May to September 2008, supply basically normal, quality occurred obvious problems, that is of course the invitation to tender for the object, do not need to re register.
Five. Where the supply to our company in 2007 May to September 2008, not the normal delivery or repeated quality problems of old supplier, not invited to participate in the tender.
Six. The specific bidding documents will be gradually released in 2009 January.
Seven. Contact: Wang Chaomei, Tel 13906851870
Song Yingnan, telephone 13575529559
Chen Weidong, telephone 13858587070
Shangyu New Material Industrial Co., Ltd. self-reliance
Zhejiang Shangyu Dongrui Advanced Ceramic Co., Ltd.
Shangyu Dongshun Refractories Co., Ltd
Shangyu Ziqiang polymer material Co Ltd
Shanghai Tongchuang Ceramic Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Yonghe Refractories Co., Ltd.
Zhanjiang Zili high-temperature materials Co. Ltd.
In December 19, 2008