The Ministry of land and resources to deepen the fluorite

    In the January 7, 2011 meeting of the national land and resources work conference, the Ministry of land and Resources Minister Xu Shaoshi on 2011 the land and resources management made the focus of the work of six aspects. Xu Shaoshi at the meeting pointed out, in 2011 to strengthen the supervision and management of mineral resources exploration and exploitation.
    First, the full implementation of mineral resources planning. Strictly enforce the total amount control, partition planning and management access system, deepening on rare earth, tungsten, antimony, fluorite, refractory clay, dominant mineral mining capacity and total amount control.
    Two, to maintain the good order of development. Consolidation of rectifying and standardizing the achievements, crack down on undocumented prospecting and mining and other illegal acts, and constantly improve the mining right person lawfully perambulate run mine lawfully consciousness.
    Three, to strengthen the development and utilization of resources supervision. Continue to promote the integration of mineral resource development, the implementation of mining rights to set the program system, to carry out a comprehensive dynamic supervision of mine reserves and mine remote sensing monitoring and verification, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of supervision, promote the exploration and development of mineral resources rational distribution and utilization.
    Four, to carry out geological prospecting units exploration work quality inspection, to rectify the order of geological exploration norm.