Zili participated in the 14th Biennial Worldwide Congress UNITECR2015 from September 15–18, 2015 in Vienna, Austria

      The conference collected more than 360 papers, abstracts and articles with more than 800 participants from universities, enterprises and research institutions from over 50 countries. This year’s conference focused mainly on steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous smelting and other use of amorphous and unshaped refractories, refractory materials, raw materials and cutting-edge research in advanced refractory development as well as global refractory education.
      Faced with global economic slowdown, the traditional iron and steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous smelting and other high-temperature industries suffered a major setback which in turn propagates to refractories industry with greater challenge. Throughout the meeting, scholars and industrial experts exchanged ideas and discussed topics on the current and future energy-saving emission reduction, environment-friendly refractories development and research to promote global refractories industry technical advancement.
      In representing Zili, Deputy general manager Zhao Yi and Dr. Luo Ming attended the conference and presented a paper titled "Properties of MgO-spinel Brick and its Application in RH Degasser in China”. The report highlighted Zili’s important developments in recent years in an effort to reduce environmental pollution caused by firing magnesia-chrome brick in the current conventional RH furnaces. The successful development of the magnesium spinel brick and its application in the domestic iron and steel companies created an important milestone in promoting "chromium-free" for the entire industry.
      Concurrent with the conference, "World Refractories Industry Association” also held its the meeting. Zhejiang Zili Corp. Ltd. participated in the meeting as a representative for the industry and accepted interview from executive editor of "Industrial Minerals" magazine.
      Throughout the meeting, Zili representatives engaged actively with other conference participants and gained much needed knowledge as well as industrial trends. With that, we believe Zhejiang Zili will be well equipped to face new challenges and achieve better results!